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Julia Child: An Extraordinary Life in Words and Pictures






Illustrated by Joanna Gorham

DuoPress 2015

160 pages

Ages 8-13

ISBN: 978-1938093340


Julia Child knew how to have fun, and she also knew how to whip up a delightful meal. After traveling around the world working for the U.S. government, Julia found her calling in the kitchen and devoted her life to learning, perfecting, and sharing the art of French cuisine. This delicious, illustrated middle-grade biography is a portrait of the remarkable woman, author, and TV personality who captured our hearts with her sparkling personality. “Bon appétit!”

















Erin Hagar’s delightful biography has all the earmarks of a Julia Child recipe — a fresh, new approach, delicious ingredients, and exceptional taste.  Her engaging story will entice a cadre of future Julias to follow in her footsteps."


Bob Spitz, best-selling author of Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child


"In vivid, sparkling prose, Erin Hagar presents the remarkable Julia Child first as an imaginative and headstrong child, then a fascinating young woman, and finally the successful master chef she became. The more I learned, the more I admired her. You will too!"

Leda Schubert, Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children winner for Monsieur Marceau: Actor Without Words


" full of rich sensations as any Julia Child recipe. And the liveliness of the prose keeps pace with Child's vibrant personality."


Elizabeth Partridge, Boston Horn-Globe Book Award winner for Marching For Freedom: Walk Together Children, And Don't You Grow Weary


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