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Doesn't this photo make it look like I grew up in a wintery wonderland? I didn't. It almost never snowed in my part of Maryland. That's why it was photo-worthy. Also, tire swing!!!

Ten Fun Facts About Erin


(Click here for an official bio.)


1. I was terrified of the water until I was about eight. Now I like to swim.


2. I had lots of collections when I was a kid. Sometimes those collections caused problems.


3. When I was in fifth grade, my teacher wrote a letter recommending me for a special creative writing camp. I carried that letter around like it was gold. (Because it was.)


4. I make stupendous molasses cookies. 


5. I've worked as a teacher's aide in a daycare center, a popcorn seller at a movie theater, a towel folder at a big box store, and an instructional designer for a few colleges. This writing gig is the best job of all. 


6. I think all three Toy Story movies are absolutely brilliant.


7. I have a younger sister and a younger brother. I like to think I had something to do with how awesome they are.


8. Love coconut; hate licorice.


9. I have too many favorite authors to list, but when pressed I will say that Jerry Spinnelli, Katherine Paterson, Beverly Cleary, and Rita Williams-Garcia are a few authors who make my heart sing.


10. I can never, ever spell "refrigerator" correctly on the first try. Or "privilege." (Did I get them right? I don't even know.) Somehow, they still let me be a writer.


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